STILL THE ONE - Black Cat® Brand still the NUMBER 1 Consumer Fireworks Brand in the US!
BlackCatFireworks.com web site traffic grows 151% to over 123 Million hits!
Prairie Village, KS (August 18, 2006): For the second consecutive year, Black Cat Marketing USA conducted pre- (May 2006) and post- (July 2006) Fireworks Season surveys of consumers that have purchased fireworks in the past 3 years from across the US. Once again, 82% were generally aware of the Black Cat® brand in July, a strong reinforcement of the previous year's results.

Administered by the Persuadable® Research Corporation, the on-line surveys had approximately 600 respondents in each of the two phases. The project was designed with two main objectives: (1) to assess Consumer awareness of the Black Cat® brand, in general and comparatively to the other main brands in the fireworks industry; and (2) to measure the impact of the marketing programs managed by Black Cat Marketing USA and their Distribution Partners on this awareness (therefore, the need for pre- and post- Season surveys).

When asked 'which brand are you most aware of', the numbers were 59% for Black Cat®, 25% for TNT, 10% for Phantom, 1% for Brothers, and 5% 'none of the above' in the post-Season survey. Both pre- and post-Season surveys established that Quality, Safety and Value (price) are the product attributes most important in making a purchase decision, reinforcing the 'bull's eye' hit by the recently introduced QSV Seal that appeared on all new Black Cat® packaging this past year. An impressive 37% of all purchasers and 52% of the frequent shoppers (3 or more times in past 3 years) were already aware of the QSV Seal!

Black Cat's $20,000 X and GOLD Sweepstakes strongly contributed to the brand's presence, with a 40% growth in awareness about the program from pre- to post- Season respondents, and an even more impressive 55% among the frequent shoppers. In support of these results, the overall traffic to the BlackCatFireworks.com site grew over 151% from the 2005 Season to over 123 million hits, and the unique visitors to the site grew by 219%.

"For over 50 years, the Black Cat® brand has delivered consistent Quality and Superior Performance product to the US Consumer", said Adrian Toader, Vice-President of Marketing and Brand Manager for Black Cat® in the US. "These results strongly reinforce last year's findings that our Brand is THE leader, and that our continuous investment in the Brand is growing its value, making it a powerful Marketing tool for our Distribution Partners in this very competitive industry."


Adrian Toader
Black Cat® Marketing USA

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